Spider-Man Swings Into New ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer

Marvel has been playing it pretty cool with their upcoming Captain America: Civil War. They’ve kind of taken the backseat as of late, allowing DC to shine with their marketing for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

But now that BvS is nearing release it appears that Marvel is ramping up on their marketing, allowing viewers a much different-looking comic book movie.

And now in this latest trailer they’ve finally revealed our first look at the (again) rebooted Spider-Man, which is a co-effort between Sony and Marvel. Tom Holland plays the latest web slinger in what appears to be the worst costume yet.

I really dig the rest of the trailer, especially the bits between Capt. and Iron Man and the inclusion of Black Panther and Ant-Man, but I really hate this new Spider-Man costume and I’m hoping to god that they change it by the time the solo film comes out.

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