Sony Taps Aaron-Taylor Johnson To Play Kraven The Hunter For Their ‘Spider-Man’ Expanded Universe

Sony just keeps trucking away at their expanded Spider-Man universe, thanks to the highly-successful recent Spider-Man franchise, including Homecoming, Far From Home and the upcoming No Way Home, featuring Tom Holland as the world’s most annoying superhero.

Part of the reason for this Spider-Man’s success is his involvement with the MCU, which was a deal struck between Marvel and Sony to only allow this character specifically to bounce back-and-forth between the MCU and the Sony universe.

This means that we shouldn’t expect any of Sony’s Spider-Man villains to show up in an MCU film, especially characters that are within the Spider-Man universe, but not yet directly involved, such as Tom Hardy‘s Venom, which is getting a sequel titled Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

Also, there’s Jared Leto‘s constantly-delayed Morbius, which nobody asked for, yet I am somewhat excited to see Leto go absolutely nuts as the vampire doctor just searching for some bloooooood.

Now, Sony has officially cast Aaron Taylor-Johnson to play the lead role of Kraven in J.C. Chandor‘s Kraven the Hunter, which will be another Expanded Sony Universe film.

Sony is no doubt piecing together the Sinister Six, which was something they half-ass tried during Andrew Garfield‘s Amazing Spider-Man run, which I am still waiting for some resolution (RIP Gwen).

What we do know or at least, what we’ve heard, is that Sony’s Spider-Man: No Way Home, which drops this December, is supposed to tie up some loose ends within the MCU and start explaining how Sony’s own cinematic universe is going to work.

The obvious trigger is likely a multiverse, which was revealed in Sony’s animated flick Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. That, plus confirmation that Alfred Molina (Spider-Man 2) and Jamie Foxx (The Amazing Spider-Man 2) have reprised their villain roles from past Spidey films in this upcoming one, all but spells out a live-action Spider-Verse or at least some form of it.

Rumors are still swirling that Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire are going to pop up in No Way Home, which would send audiences up a wall. I think they will, in some capacity, but I worry that it’ll be in the form of a five minute cameo as Holland is swinging through universes — I do not see Sony having the balls (or brains) to go all-in on their own Spider-Verse, even though it would spell out tons of $$$ and opportunities for them.

Sony has never been smart and I don’t see them changing that dumb fact anytime soon.

Anyways, Kraven the Hunter is scheduled for a January 2023 release, which out far enough to the point of not really caring until cameras start to roll.

Source : Collider

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