Sony Still Going Ahead With Dragon Tattoo Sequel

Despite its lukewarm opening in the US, EW is reporting that Sony is still planning on moving forward with a sequel to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011).Stieg Larsson‘s second novel in the trilogy, titled The Girl Who Played with Fire, might be making it to the big screen by winter of 2013. Stars Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig are contractually obligated for two more films, but director David Fincher hasn’t fully committed just yet. He mentioned that if he does sign on for Fire that he’d like to shoot both sequels back-to-back.

The big factor right now is the foreign box office sales for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. In the US the film has been performing respectively, but not breaking any box office records. Reviews have been falling somewhere in the middle, with a few leaning extreme on either sides. I thought the film was decent, but nothing amazing. I still prefer the original film to Fincher’s, but I liked bits and pieces of it. Read my full review here.

It’s also worth noting that studios rarely turn down a sequel while the first film is making its theatrical rounds. They oftentimes green light a sequel to keep the buzz strong until the home video release. Disney announced a TRON: Legacy sequel and that has yet to pick up off the ground. Sony might be telling the audience what they want to hear to get more butts in seats and then when everything is settled and the numbers are tallied they might scrap the whole thing, especially if Fincher isn’t on board.

I think David Fincher is a key asset to the sequels. Without him as the director I feel that both films might take a dip in quality and approach. His work behind the lens is something no one can replicate and Dragon Tattoo relied heavily on his filming style. I’d also like to see what changes he would make to the second and third films. The original sequels are nowhere near as good as the first film and maybe Fincher and screenwriter Steve Zaillian can change things for the better.

Did you like David Fincher‘s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo or did you think the original was better? Do you want Fincher to continue working on the sequels or would the films benefit from a fresh director?

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