Sony Shifts Release Dates For RoboCop And Elysium

I’m sure the recent wave of negative press regarding Sony’s upcoming RoboCop has had a hand in the decision that the studio has made regarding pushing the film back from its original August 9th, 2013 release date to February 7th, 2014. February isn’t usually the most sought-out month for releasing films that you hope to make extreme amounts of cash on, so Sony must be realizing that they probably have a stinker on their hands.

That’s okay though, because this now makes room for Neill Blomkamp‘s Elysium to stretch its legs and rake in the dough. Elysium was recently scheduled for release on March 1st, 2013, but is now going to be dropping at the tail-end of summer, which is when his last film, District 9, wowed audiences.

This move could mean that they see lots of potential in Blomkamp’s film and none in the RoboCop reboot or it could simply be the result of a meeting that wanted to shuffle things around for the hell of it. I’m leaning more towards RoboCop being a dud and them wanting to push it as far back as possible.

I am a little upset that we’ll have to wait even longer for Elysium, but if it means the movie could do better at the box office then I’m all for it.

(via MTV)

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