Sony Sequel Madness: 21 Jump Street, Men In Black 3 & Dragon Tattoo

The big guys at Sony must be in a great mood this weekend. Is it because Spider-Man hasn’t completely dropped off the face of existence yet, even with Batman taking over? Or maybe it’s because they’ve been doing their numbers for the past months and noticed that they had some big hits on their hands.

THR confirms that Sony will be making sequels for 21 Jump Street, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Men in Black 3.

Right now it looks like the 21 Jump Street sequel could begin filming as early as later this year, with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill set to return. The biggest letdown from this announcement is that directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller might not be able to return, because they’re currently wrapped up in other projects. This is a make or break deal for me, because I firmly believe that their direction was what balanced Tatum, Hill and the crazy comedy so well. Without them 21 Jump Street could have been just another comedy.

Men in Black 3 depends solely on Will Smith and if he wants to return for another outing as Agent J or not. He’s got a film he’s working on with his son right now, but after that he could squeeze in time for another, especially since MiB 3 had so many production problems, yet still managed to make it out alive. I’d prefer they close the case on the Men in Black, but I’m not completely against a sequel.

Thirdly and finally is a sequel to David Fincher‘s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which would be titled after the book (The Girl Who Played with Fire). Last time Fincher discussed the sequel he mentioned that he might not return in the director’s chair, which would make for another iffy project, depending on who they would get to replace him.

None of these projects are sounding all that interesting given the situations with the stars and cast members, but things are far too early to tell at this moment.

Of the three, which would you want to see a sequel to the most?

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