Snoop Dogg’s Journey to Becoming a Lion: ‘Reincarnated’ Trailer

As far as rappers are, who is more well known than Snoop Dogg? Snoop has been around for quite a while and he always seems to be in the spotlight whether it’s in his own music, other people’s music, or just the headlines.

Well, you may think that still may apply as Snoops recent change from Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion has made recent headlines. But in a recent trailer for the upcoming documentary Reincarnated, you will see that this is a very different story indeed.

Snoop had gone down to Jamaica to get a little spiritual uprising, and it seems he came back a whole new man. Living a life of guns and violence with his rap career, he seems to have but that behind him as this journey shapes his new reggae expedition.

Reincarnated is a documentary about this transformation. As he put it in the trailer: “Fuck Snoop Dogg”. He is tired of rapping and he is ready to take the next stage of his life to the soothing, peaceful genre of reggae.

I think it looks fairly interesting. It good Snoop had this change. He was getting a little exhausting as a rapper. I mean, when you are doing guest appearances in Katy Perry songs, you know you have stretched your career as far as you can. I am interested to see how this documentary goes, and where his newfound path takes him.

Also, if you’re interested, check out Snoop Lion’s new song La La La via Soundcloud below

via The Film Stage

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