Snapchat Will Probably Never Come To Windows Phone

Snapchat for Windows Phone

Is Snapchat ever coming to Windows Phone? It’s a simple question that nobody seems to be answering for us die-hard Windows Phone supporters that also enjoy using Snapchat.

Awhile back I wrote an article asking that very same question, only it went unanswered. Well, sort of.

See, Windows Phone developer Rudy Huyn (among others) released an unofficial third party app titled 6snap and it went on to surpassing the official Snapchat app in terms of features and updates. Huyn went on to provide great support to the app, until Snapchat suffered a hack and forced a pull of all third party apps. They even went as far as banning accounts that were accessing Snapchat through means other than their official iOS and Android apps.

That’s just plain wrong and a complete joke for those Windows Phone supporters that simply want access to the app on their mobile devices.

Since then, things have been cold on the Snapchat for Windows Phone front. Heck, Snapchat went ahead and took down the “release your app for my unsupported phone” page, maybe due to house cleaning, but most likely due to an over abundance of angry Windows Phone users voicing their opinions.

Folks at Microsoft stopped discussion of a possible coming soon app or even the usual “we’re talking and working with them on it” and have instead shifted focus on their upcoming Windows 10 for phones OS, which is said to bring universal apps across the entire Windows ecosystem.

That’s great and all, but not so much if there’s not a Snapchat app available on Windows desktops or tablets. Which basically means that for some unknown reason, Microsoft can’t get Snapchat to play ball with them, which makes little to NO sense, especially when considering in the fact that Microsoft and Facebook had a similar relationship, which ended in Microsoft developing, releasing and updating the official Facebook app in house, which I’m sure they offered to do for Snapchat.

But Snapchat continues to avoid the third place phone OS, despite its slowly growing market share.

Look, I get it — I really do. I know that Windows Phone has a very long way to go before ever being considered a serious threat to Apple and Android, but that doesn’t mean that you should shut out its active users that simply want to SUPPORT and HELP your app grow to the masses. Especially when Microsoft and MANY independent developers would love to help bring Snapchat to Windows Phone with little to no help/work/time needed from Snapchat and their guys and gals that are probably working around the clock to make sure the app runs as smooth as can be on iPhone and Android devices around the world.

The cold and harsh reality is that Snapchat doesn’t want anything to do with Windows Phone at the moment or in the near future. I even received a tweet mention that showed me proof that Snapchat publicly tweeted those very same words, with little to no remorse towards the users that they are leaving in the dust for no reason at all.

Check it out below:

So there you have it. No Snapchat for Windows Phone in the near future, for no apparent reason. It’s sad seeing such a giant company and spreading app not be supported or even allowed on an operating system that is trying its hardest to be a real number three competitor and simply wants to help apps grow and expand across ALL platforms.

Any avid Windows Phone users out there that care to chime in on this touchy subject? Should Microsoft offer Snapchat some sort of financial help in return for an app or should Snapchat stop acting like a group of babies and just release an app or maybe even allow a developer to release one with their stamp of approval?

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