Snapchat Finally Coming To Windows Phone? Maybe

Snapchat on Windows Phone has been a debate that I’ve discussed time and time again. Folks supporting Microsoft‘s mobile platform have been shut out and kept in the dark on many things, Snapchat being at the very top of the list.

Whether you use the app or not; you can’t deny the importance that it has on a struggling mobile operating system trying to gain some traction.

Microsoft has seemingly done everything possible to try and secure a spot for Snapchat on the growing Windows Store marketplace, but to no success, until one vague tweet suddenly opened up the floodgates yet again.

@Snapchatsupport sent out a tweet to an upset Windows Phone user, saying the following:

“@raphaeu There are plans to make it available in the future, we’ll give deets when that’s close. Hope this helps! :)”

Yes, that’s super vague and far from a signal to get the hopes up, but that’s big progress.

Before, support would simply reply saying something along the lines of, “we have no plans to support the platform” and so on.

But now, they’ve mentioned future plans, which are better than no plans.

Some simply think that this is a case of customer support trying to please a customer, while others suggest that Snapchat might be finally coming to their senses.

If so, one can definitely blame the upcoming Windows 10 Mobile platform, which is said to include easier porting tools for apps to get carried over from iOS and Android.

Or perhaps Microsoft is finally gaining traction as a serious third-place competitor.

We’ll let you know more info as we get it.

Source : @Snapchatsupport

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