Is Snapchat Ever Coming To Windows Phone?

Snapchat for Windows Phone

This has been a question asked by many Windows Phone supporters. Is an official Snapchat app ever coming to Windows Phone? That’s a really good question and sadly the answer is one of those yes and no situations.

See, long back in February, someone reached out to Snapchat‘s Twitter feed and asked that very question. There answer was something along the lines of, “we’re meeting with the Microsoft people soon to see if they support our vision.” Well, we never heard anything back about their vision and if Microsoft is in or out (which I’d assume they are more than in, considering how desperately they need big time apps).

Then, we got a horrible third party app by the name of Snapchat (Unofficial), which is all kinds of nasty, but hey, it kinda works. Also, there was Swapchat, which got removed, because they had both a free and a paid version and the people over at Snapchat weren’t too excited about someone else making money off of their product.

So then came word of 6tag and 6sec developer Rudy Huyn developing his own version of the app, which he’s titling 6snap. That app has been in “testing” for some time and last we heard Rudy wants it out before Christmas, but is only working on it during his down time on weekends. That app has been said to have toast notifications, live titles, Snapchat Stories and all of the bells and whistles that the regular app comes with, plus Rudy’s hint of added genius.

There’s also a promising third party app in beta, which is called Snapback. I’m apart of it and I must say that it’s a great alternative that runs smoothly and looks nice. It’s missing live tiles, stories, notifications and a few quick options, but it’s on its way to perfection. Developer Dan Delimarsky hasn’t released an update in a while, but I’m sure he’ll be bumping it soon enough.

Finally, back on to the topic of an official app from the boys and girls over at Snapchat. There was light word regarding the screen shot feature of Snapchat not working on current software builds of Windows Phones, which means a possible app once GDR3 hits, which would enable certain APIs to help take care of that screen shot problem. Although this rumor hasn’t been denied or confirmed from either sides.

Right now, Snapchat lovers on Windows Phone will have to stick with the crumby unofficial app until Rudy’s or Dan’s goes live. I’d love for Snapchat to release something official, but by this rate I’m willing to bet they skip GDR3 and wait it out until Windows Phone 8.1, which is supposed to launch in early Spring of next year.

Are you a Windows Phone user that really wants Snapchat? Make sure to go to their support page and demand it!



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