Six New Character Posters for ‘The World’s End’


Hooray! More posters for Edgar Wright’s The World’s End are here. As if I am already hyping myself up, we get a glimpse into each character in correspondence to what I believe is just a few pubs they must embark on their journey.

Each poster seems to be heavily photoshopped and doesn’t seem necessarily fitting with the movie, but who cares?! I’ll take Simon Pegg wielding a dickish smile and holding a pint any day. Fire and the stars seem to be highlighted as from what we saw from the trailer, some alien shit happens.

Have a look see at some of the posters and impatiently wait with me until August 23rd for the movies release.

freemen worlds end

marsan worlds end

considine worlds end

pike worlds end

frost worlds end

pegg worlds end

Source : Badass Digest

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