Sinister, Leatherface 3D And Safety Not Guaranteed Get Release Dates

Another week another batch of dated films, thanks to Box Office Mojo. On tap this round is the Ethan Hawke starring horror film Sinister, Lionsgate’s reboot of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, titled Leatherface 3D and the indie Mark Duplass film Safety Not Guaranteed.

The Scott Derrickson horror film Sinister was originally scheduled for an August release, but has now been pushed back to October 5th, 2012. I see that as a sign of confidence, because October is obviously the stomping grounds for horror flicks. Former film critic now writer C. Robert Cargill is a co-writer on this project, so naturally I’m very curious about the film.

Lionsgate’s Leatherface 3D has been pushed back from its original October slot to January 4th, 2013. This can be looked at as both good and bad. Good because they want to capitalize on the January market, which is usually dead and prime for a horror film and bad because horror films usually do the best in October, and if you’re moving a character as known as Leatherface away from his October roots then that might be a sign of a dud. I haven’t been following the film all that much, so I can’t really comment.

Last, but not least is Safety Not Guaranteed. The indie comedy stars Aubrey Plaza and it deals with time travel. It’s been getting decent to positive reviews. A June 8th release date has been given, which is a perfect time for something like this to make some respectable cash.

Of the three films listed above, which one are you most looking forward to? I’d have to say Sinister right now, but Safety Not Guaranteed could be a surprise hit. I’m not holding my breath for Leatherface 3D.

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