Sin City 2 Gains An Excellent Screenwriter!

Today The Film Stage is reporting that there is finally forward momentum building on the sequel to the 2005 hit Sin City from comic book creator/director Frank Miller and the ever-evolving director Robert Rodriguez. 

A screenwriter has been hired to take a crack at the script for Sin City 2, and the lucky guy is William Monahan, who you might remember as the screenwriter of The Departed, which he won an Oscar for.  You might remember his latest writing efforts less, as he wrote the underwhelming (at the box office, at least) films Body of Lies for Ridley Scott and Edge of Darkness with Mel Gibson starring.

As many writers do, Monahan stepped into the director’s chair as well, with last year’s excellent gangster drama London Boulevard starring Colin Farrell, which was criminally underseen by the entire planet.

This is good news for Sin City 2, not only does it show that they’re serious about getting it made, but they want it done right.  After lackluster performances on both of their last movies, Rodriguez and Miller need a hit, and after the success of Sin City, the second one is a sure-fire hit for the duo.

What do you think?  Will a third voice interrupt the flow of the film?  Or can the Oscar-winning Monahan only improve things?  Let us know!

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