Silent Hill: Revelation Trailer

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D gets an uninspiring trailer that forcefully blends cheap CGI and gimmicky 3D effects that might have meant something in the year 2010. I’m not sure what the game plan is for this Silent Hill sequel that nobody wanted, but I don’t expect anyone to walk out as a winner. The film looks pretty bland and amateur for a studio project, but I’m sure they’ve simply stopped trying to market this to the masses and instead have focused on the diehard video game fans.

What’s really weird is the release date, which is prime time in October. Horror films usually do the best around this time, but October has been Paranormal Activity‘s month for a few years now, ever since topping Saw. I just can’t see horror fans lining up for a sequel to a film that came out over five years ago and is mostly remembered as yet another failed video game movie.

Sean Bean is the only recognizable star, with Radha Mitchell and Adelaide Clemens also starring.

Watch the trailer below:

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