Short Preview from Metallica and Lou Reed’s Lulu

If you have heard recently, Metallica and Lou Reed (The Velvet Underground) have teamed up to release an album. The album is titled Lulu. Around the internet, it is getting mixed reactions about the collaboration. Some say it will be great, some say it will be shit!

Today, a 30 second clip of their upcoming single, The View, has been circulating the interwebs. Judging by the way it turned out, I have speculation that this album will be very interesting to say the least. It pretty much features Lou Reed mumbling some sort of spoken word nonsense over some average Metallica riffs.

I know you can’t really judge the song, or even the album, on a 30 second clip. But why chose this clip? Why pick that section of the song that you would have to listen from the beginning to understand as your preview? It doesn’t make much sense.

But hey, let’s look at it this way: production wise, this isn’t as shitty and loud as Death Magnetic. There is some dynamic range to work with. The peaks aren’t smashed and compressed like all hell. The snare drum sounds like a snare drum unlike St. Anger‘s trash can. I don’t know anything about Lou Reed, so I don’t have much to base his vocals off of.

Anyway, here is the 30 second clip!

Lulu comes out October 31 apparently. Also, the single, The View will be released in its entirety September 27.

Let us know what you think down below in the comments!

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