Sheen and Lohan Will Be Killed Off In Opening of Scary Movie 5

As if anyone is actually looking forward to this, Scary Movie 5 releases the details as to whom they will be killing in the first scene. There is always someone who gets killed off as a blatant parody to popular movies. People like Carmen Electra, Pamela Anderson, Shaq, and even Dr. Phil have opted to be part of these movies.

But now, The Playlist is saying that they have Charlie Sheen and Lindsey Lohan will play a couple and presumably die within the first minutes of the movie. If you watched Scary Movie 4, Sheens character dies right after the opening scene. So we’ll see how they figure that one out.

As for Lohan: what the fuck has she been doing? Has she stooped to porn yet? I feel her fame has diminished, now nobody gives a shit whether she is on drugs or not. But hey, lets bring two people famous for being outrageous drug users and use them in the opening scene. Brilliant.

As for the rest of the movie, even Anna Faris called it quits for the 5th installment. The dude who directed Undercover Brother is taking the wheel on this one, so… yeah there’s that (secretly I enjoy Undercover Brother). And I guess Terry Crews has hopped on to this so we will see how that goes.

These movies have gone a long way since their R rated beginnings with the Wayans Brothers. While Scary Movie 3 was a fun Naked Gun styled movie, Scary Movie 4 just plain sucked. The bar is lowered, so we will just have to see how low they will go to limbo under it.

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