Sharlto Copley Heads To Jupiter In First Teaser For Europa Report

I’m an absolute sucker for space exploring films. Event Horizon is an all-time classic and I even love most of Danny Boyle‘s Sunshine. Duncan JonesMoon might not count as much as an exploring film, but it’s still pretty damn awesome.

Then there’s last year’s horrible failed attempt at mixing found footage with space controversy in Apollo 18.

Sebasti├ín Cordero‘s Europa Report looks to be like a better version of Apollo 18, even though we’re only given a brief glimpse at the film in this newly released teaser trailer. It stars District 9‘s Sharlto Copley and all we know right now is that the film follows a group of astronauts that travel to the Jupiter moon Europa to find possible life.

5 seconds in and I’m already hooked!

Europa Report is set to open sometime next year.

Watch the teaser below and let me know what you think:

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