Seth MacFarlane To Host The 2013 Oscars

The Academy Awards was once a prestigious show that was home to some of the best awards that film had to offer. It was also once a home to some of the greatest hosts of all-time, that were funny and clever in their hosting and people that made the show run smoother than ever before.

Now Seth MacFarlane is hosting.

I’ve never been the biggest fans of the Oscars, mostly because year-after-year the deserving films go home empty-handed, while the bait gets eaten up by the voters. I love it when a more-than-deserving filmmaker gets finally honored (Danny Boyle), but it sucks when it’s for the wrong film! (Slumdog Millionaire is good, but not Boyle’s best)

Ted and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane hosting simply means that the show will take anyone willing to offer their time. I’ve never cared for his particular brand of humor in either his shows or his movie. His comedy is mostly geared towards young children, so I’m assuming this is another attempt to try and capture a younger audience, much like the whole Anne Hathaway/James Franco thing.

Does anyone still countdown to the event anymore or does everyone DVR it or find out the results online, long after the show has ended?

The show will air on February 24th, 2013.
Watch this unfunny video announcing MacFarlane’s involvement with the Oscars.

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