See the Trailer for Danny Trejo in “Bad Ass”!

Today the first trailer for the upcoming Danny Trejo starring film Bad Ass has been released.  Based on a YouTube video that went viral, you can see the original confrontation on a city bus right here.

Original video:

So that’s what the 67-year old Trejo has to work with as far as character goes, but it seems in Bad Ass the story will be a little different, and of course they’ve justified the violence a bit further.  Here’s the synopsis:

“Decorated Vietnam hero Frank Vega returns home only to get shunned by society leaving him without a job or his high school sweetheart. It’s not until forty years later when an incident on a commuter bus (where he protects an elderly black man from a pair of skin heads) makes him a local hero where he’s suddenly celebrated once again. But his good fortune suddenly turns for the worse when his best friend Klondike is murdered and the police aren’t doing anything about it.”

It’s interesting to see the basis of the film, and how different it actually is from the incident, but how Hollywood has construed a minor confrontation and turned it on its head, Hobo With a Shotgun style.  See for yourself below.

Here’s the trailer:


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