See the Time Machine from Rian Johnson’s Looper!

One of my Most Anticipated Films of 2012, Rian Johnson‘s new film Looper, starring Joseph Gordon Levitt and Bruce Willis is slated to hit theaters later this year in September.  The film finished principle production quite a while ago, but the complicated effects have been in post-production for a while now.  However, they have still been showing the film to certain critics for early reactions, which have been almost universally positive, just like they were when the script initially made the rounds of Hollywood.

Johnson has made a picture (below) available through his blog,Looper Movie. This is the time machine that plays an integral part of the story, a time travelling tale full of crafty little mind tricks.

While Johnson’s previous two films, Brick and The Brothers Bloom have had success in cult circles on the internet, and good notices from a wide array of critics, Johnson has never really had a break out box office hit.  With what I’ve heard about the production of the film, and those that have gotten a sneak peek, I think this will be the film that does it for him, and it will probably reinvigorate the career of Bruce Willis, who seems to have been wandering Hollywood aimlessly the past few years.

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