See Midnight Showing Of Prometheus At An IMAX Theatre And Get A Free Limited-Edition Poster

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is just a week away and I’m getting worried. The earliest reviews said to tone down the hype and now after speaking with a few trusted friends I’ve been told that there are things that Prometheus does really well and things that the film does really badly. I’m not sure where to set my expectations, but at least now I can go in with a better idea.

Those of you lucky enough to catch the midnight showing at a local IMAX location will be happy to know that you’ll get a copy of a limited-edition poster (see above). I like that IMAX is continuing these exclusive promotions, but I’m not the biggest fan of this particular IMAX only poster.

Here’s a snippet from the IMAX press release:

Exclusively for IMAX fans – those attending the Prometheus midnight shows in North America in the first hours of June 8th receive an exclusive, limited edition poster.  The never-before-seen artwork teases the mysteries unlocked in Prometheus, and is available as part of IMAX 12:01. Check for list of participating theatres on; while supplies last.

I’d rather take another copy of the John Carter poster given out, but at least the midnighters will have something to show for it!

Prometheus will open on June 8th, 2012.

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