See Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon In MN!

Back in 2006 director Scott Glosserman directed a little horror/comedy that blew me away called Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon It is one of the most effective horror films I’ve seen in a very long time. Those looking for a brainless gorefest might be disappointed, but those looking for a film that gingerly walks the fine line of being a horror film and being a comedy film will want to check out Behind the Mask. It’s a mash of genres and techniques, giving the viewer an inside look at what goes on inside the head of a crazed killer.

Those wondering how Jason always manages to walk behind his running victims for all these years and why Michael Myers never enters closets housing his victim will want to check out Behind the Mask, because it not only offers explanations to all of these horror do’s and don’ts, but it also creates a few rules of its own. It also genuinely works as straight-up horror film. It plays out in similar fashion to past slashers, but it isn’t afraid to take the occasional risk. Behind the Mask is a creative dark comedy/horror film that keeps the laughs and kills coming at an even pace and if you stick with me for a few more minutes I’ll explain how you can check it out on the big screen!

There’s this company called GATHR and their goal is to bring films that YOU demand to the big screen. You can head over to the site by clicking right here and request a screening from a list of eligible movies. Behind the Mask just so happens to be one of those movies and I was kind enough to get a screening request in for the MN area. So, if you’re in the MN area and want to check out one hell of a horror film then you’ll want to mark down Wednesday, April 11th on your calendar, immediately.

The way this works is very simple. After requesting a screening you need to build an audience. So all you have to do is simply click on this link and pre-order your ticket. If we get enough pre-orders then GATHR will take the next step in confirming the screening (time, location and so forth). Also, if MN happens to be the first location to get the designated amount of pre-orders director Scott Glosserman himself will appear for a question and answer session!

Here is the part where YOU step in. If you live in the MN area and want to support a great independent horror film then pre-order a ticket and join me for one memorable night. It’s a one-time event and we need all the support we can get. Also, feel free to spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, Google + or whatever it is that you use! I’ve already begun hanging posters around town (thanks again to Brad Morelli for the AWESOME design seen above). Feel free to share the poster at the top of the post or the original poster designed by Justin Osbourn. If for some reason we don’t reach the designated number of tickets sold your credit card will not be charged, so no need to worry.

I leave you with the trailer for the film, which really only scratches the surface on how fun the film really is…

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