See A Beardless Sacha Baron Cohen In This Hilarious International Trailer For The Dictator

Sacha Baron Cohen is no stranger to funny, playing both main characters in Borat and Bruno. His latest film, The Dictator, looks to be treading familiar waters, straying closer to Borat than Bruno. The Dictator ditches the mockumentary film style for a more traditional approach and it stars John C. Reilly, J.B. Smoove, Anna Faris, Megan Fox and Ben freakin’ Kingsley.

I wasn’t a fan of Larry CharlesBruno by any stretch and admittedly I dismissed The Dictator after watching the first trailer, which was funny, but felt a little too repetitive. This newest international trailer actually adds a story to the film and a whole new batch of laughs. Cohen and Charles aren’t afraid to let some of the darker humor poke its head and I applaud them for that.

The Dictator opens in theaters on May 11th, 2012. Check out the international trailer thanks to First Showing.

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