Second Trailer (And Poster) For A Good Day To Die Hard

John Moore‘s A Good Day to Die Hard seems to be having no problems playing up Bruce Willis‘ legendary character John McClane as the ultimate unstoppable bad-ass. That’s fine and all, because Willis is awesome and I have no problem watching him firing guns on screen, but that’s so far from the original character from Die Hard. It almost hurts watching this trailer and seeing the Die Hard name attached, because they’ve completely taken the series into a direction that’s nothing like the first film or even the second.

I’ve pretty much learned to lower my expectations whenever a new Die Hard film comes out, especially after Live Free or Die Hard.

This one looks slightly better, if only because they’re simply playing it up as guns, guns and more guns.

Check out the new trailer below, followed by an awful poster:

A Good Day to Die Hard opens on February 14th, 2013.

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