Second Theatrical Trailer For ‘World War Z’


Paramount’s giant-scaled zombie film World War Z is slowly shaping up to be one of this summer’s biggest gambles. Or not. It looks like they plan on approaching this latest zombie film with a PG-13 rating and lots of CGI zombies.

Brad Pitt looks to be phoning in his role from outer space, while most of the special effects work still looks unfinished and very similar to I Am Legend.

I’ve been doubting Marc Forster‘s latest film ever since the teaser trailer and this newest extended look still doesn’t get me past slightly interested. I love the idea of a zombie film that shows us the entire world, but I absolutely hate the idea of CGI zombies, even if they’re trying to show us scale and scope over blood and effects.

World War Z is scheduled to open in 3D on June 21st, 2013.

Check out the latest theatrical trailer below, followed by a new poster:


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