Second Full-Length Trailer For ‘Oblivion’, Starring Tom Cruise


I want so much to like Joseph Kosinski‘s Oblivion. I really enjoy big-budget studio sci-fi flicks like this, but man these trailers kind of suck. The first teaser was decent, because it didn’t really show us much of anything, but this new one is all sorts of bad. It’s plain-looking and most of all just a boring mess that shows us more of Tom Cruise being an emotionless wreck of a person.

He’s trying too hard to be the “normal” guy and it’s just not working. Plus, Kosinski’s direction is looking more and more bland as new footage is released.

I’d love for this one to surprise is and maybe even impress us, but I’m shooting for it to be a disappointment or something forgettable.

Oblivion opens on April 19th, 2013.

Check out the new trailer below:

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