Second Full-Length ‘Justice League’ Trailer Is Looking Solid

I’m honestly not sure why everyone is already lining up to hate on Zack Snyder‘s Justice League. Look, I get that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice wasn’t a smash hit and I get that Suicide Squad left more to be desired, but does that mean we have to write off Justice League already?

Maybe, Snyder and friends learned a thing or two and have managed to make a coherent team-up film, featuring some of DC’s biggest characters?

Or maybe it ends up sucking and I eat my words later? I’m totally okay with that, because at least I’m going to give it an honest chance.

Too many people are completely hating on anything DC-related because of previous work, which is really starting to bug me. I’ll give anything a shot as long as the trailer sells me on at least one thing.

And this latest Justice League trailer sells me on the core characters, specifically¬†Ben Affleck‘s Batman and ¬†Gal Gadot‘s Wonder Woman.

Both seem to be on-point and delivering some solid performances, with the action looking like typical Snyder flare. I surely hope he’s able to focus in on his style, while also adding worthy substance.

WB and DC don’t really have anymore chances to take on this attempted cinematic universe, which means Justice League needs (and possibly could be) a home run.

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