Season Of The Witch Review

What a terrible way to start out 2011. Season of the Witch is one of the worst movies I have seen recently. This past winter was filled with such amazing, Oscar type films that it really sucks to start out my 2011 theatrically with such a joke of a movie. Not even the hilarious Nicolas Cage could save such a film. Judging on the trailers alone I knew I was in for a horrible ride, but honestly this movie have no value at all.

Let me first mention that this movie has suffered numerous delays and it really shows. It’s like the marketing team wasn’t sure where to place this film. Eventually it was placed in the dumping grounds known as January. Now back to the story, the movie is about a few knights who must help transport a witch to a monastery so that they can read from a spell book which will rid the world of the witch and hopefully the Black Plague that has been sweeping the countryside. Our two main characters are played by Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman. Cage seems to take any role he can find these days while Perlman has been in and out of horrible productions ever since Hellboy II was wrapped. Both actors didn’t seem to bring anything fresh to the story. I knew this movie was going to be bad, but I heard from several reviewers that it was so bad that it was good. Lots of people were comparing it to Army of Darkness and Evil Dead. This is NOTHING like either of those films listed. There isn’t anything fun or campy about this movie. It’s just a poorly made film that the studios didn’t have faith in. Again, my rants on the movie stop me from finishing up the storyline. As Cage and Perlman transfer the witch, she attempts to try and seduce them into letting her out of the cage she is trapped in. The movie’s slow pace made me fairly bored. It’s pretty much Cage and Perlman walking or riding along with the witch in the back and every so often she summons something to try and stop them. They fight off wolves and creatures and keep on going. Once there at the monastery we are introduced to a “twist” that really isn’t shocking. They fight the witch and her monster pals and call it a day, or do they? To keep this review spoiler free I will just leave it at that. There is nothing surprising about this movie at all and be prepared to hate it!

I didn’t enjoy anything about this movie. I was hoping that it would have turned out to be a campy and possibly fun movie with Cage going nuts and slaying witches and demons, but instead, it takes itself a little too serious and just kind of moves along. The acting by Cage and Perlman was probably the only thing I didn’t completely hate. They weren’t anything special, but had someone else been casted in their roles I probably wouldn’t have even bothered with the movie. The thing that really drags this thing down is the lack of action. It’s rated PG13 which means no extreme violence which really hurt the film. I would have enjoyed watching them slaughter witches with blood and guts flying everywhere, but instead we are given some lame fight scenes with terrible CGI. I forgot to mention the director of this movie was responsible for one of the most boring movies of 2009, Whiteout. This movie amazing compared to that piece of garbage.

But I digress; Overall Season of the Witch is a passable movie in every department. The directing and writing is poor, the acting is average and the rest is laughable. Take my advice and DON’T start your 2011 theatrical run with this movie. Don’t rent it if it looked interesting to you. Just go and see The Fighter again!

Season of the Witch – 6/10

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