Seann William Scott In Goon Trailer

Hockey has been a sport that I always liked watching from time to time but never fell in love with. I’ve always wanted a good hockey movie and to this day I can’t recall anything worth noting. With Kevin Smith working on a two parter called Hit Somebody and Seann William Scott starring in Goon, it looks like hockey films might be the making a short return to the big screen.

Goon sounds like a funny movie, but the trailer is just a mess. The jokes don’t really land or make any sort of impact and the trailer doesn’t really focus on the story (or point) of the film. I’m sure it’ll turn out fine, but the trailer isn’t doing the film any favors in terms of getting an audience interested.

Goon stars Seann William Scott, Liev Schreiber, Eugene Levy, Jay Baruchel and Alison Pill.

Check out the trailer below, thanks to CHUD.

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