SDCC17 ‘Justice League’ Trailer Reveals The Stakes

WB has dropped a massive, nearly five minute trailer on us for their upcoming film Justice League. Up until recently, WB has been struggling with their DC universe, with critical backlash from Man of Steel, followed by downright assault from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and then utter disappointment from Suicide Squad.

Yet Wonder Woman managed to be a beacon of hope for a possible bright future for DC characters across the globe.

Zack Snyder‘s Justice League is looking like a lighter, action-packed thrill ride, featuring more comedy than most of the DC films before it, plus a distinctive visual look that brings out a lot of life and color.

We’ve also got a better look at the villain of the film, which seems to be out of this world and unlike anything any of the League’rs have seen before.

Is that Superman teased at the end of the trailer?

Also, dig this new poster:

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