Universal Studios kind of shat the bed with their whole Dark Universe after the Tom Cruise-starring mega-blockbuster The Mummy rightfully tanked.

It tried taking their classic monsters and tie them into an expanding universe that was more focused on being mindless action than say, actual horror.

Luckily for us, they seemed to have learned their lesson and are now handing over their precious IP to actual filmmakers with stories to tell.

Case in point: The Invisible Man.

Director Leigh Whannell (Upgrade, Saw co-creator) is in charge of this moody-looking thrill ride. Elisabeth Moss stars as a person trying to get over an abusive relationship after her ex-boyfriend committed suicide. Only this time, he doesn’t appear to really be dead.

I like that this version seems to flip the focus onto the ex that’s simply trying to move on with her life, but is presented with the notion that her ex-boyfriend might somehow still be alive.

Is she insane? Is he insane? Are invisible people already among us?

I guess we will find out when The Invisible Man opens next February.

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