The ‘Saw’ Franchise Is Back With This First Trailer For ‘Jigsaw’

Saw has been out of the horror game for far too long and it looks like now is the perfect time to come back. Dubbed Jigsaw, this latest Saw entry promises to bring back the gore, the traps and the plot twists as it tortures a new batch of victims.

I’ve always been a Saw fan, but even I’ll admit that the series took a dip in quality during the later installments. I still enjoyed Saw: The Final Chapter, despite the film wrapping up too much in far too little time. But hey, the 3D was pretty impressive.

With Jigsaw, the franchise is looking to reclaim Halloween as the must-see movie of the month.

I like that this new entry isn’t harping completely on the previous films. Yes, the traps look elaborate and same-ish, but the locations have (finally) seemed to expand and the general nature of the trailer is more upbeat and revealing, not to mention no use of the trademark Saw theme — I’ll admit that I was kind of bummed out about that last one.

Maybe, a new team of writers and directors is exactly what is needed to bring Saw back into the horror fold? Or maybe they “rebooted” this franchise a little too soon.

Will find out in October.


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