Is ‘Saw 8’ Coming Soon?


It has been a while since we’ve heard any word on Lionsgate kick-starting up the Saw franchise again. There was once word that they were going to give it a rest for a bit and then return in full swing, but nothing came of it.

Then, there was talks of remaking the series somehow, but those fell through too.

Now, there’s strong word on a possible direct sequel or Saw 8 if we’re keeping track. Sources don’t have much to go off of, but the rumors are stemming from the lack of mainstream horror during the month of October.

Paramount’s goose egg franchise, Paranormal Activity, took a break this past October, which pretty much left it open to the remake Carrie, which underperformed.

Plus, many have complained about the PA series growing tired and bringing absolutely nothing new to the table, which could be the perfect moment for Lionsgate to breathe some fresh air into the dormant Saw franchise.

I loved the Saw movies. The first remains my favorite, while the sequels range in quality, but on the whole I enjoyed the series and would be down for another. What about you? Does another Saw sound appealing at all or are you one of those that believe that they should have stopped after James Wan‘s original?

Here’s the quote:

While there’s nothing official on paper, nor a direction set in stone, Lionsgate is incredibly active in developing an eighth Saw, based on the franchise created by James Wan and Leigh Whannell, sources tell Bloody Disgusting exclusively.



Source : Bloody-Disgusting


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