Sam Worthington to Star in ‘For the Dogs’



Sam Worthington has had some trouble getting his career started after breaking out in Avatar.  He has name recognition, but hasn’t done anything beyond Avatar to inspire excitement.  His next project will put him in good hands, as he is set to star in For the Dogs, based on the novel by Kevin Wignall, which is about:

“A solitary assassin who helps a college girl exact revenge for the murder of her parents and brother”.

The film will be directed by Phillip Noyce, who last helmed Salt.  The most exciting news about this project is the fact that the script was adapted by Oren Moverman, whose The Messenger was one of my favorite films from 2009.  Moverman was also behind Rampart, which wasn’t as good a film, but still had some depth and good performances from both leads.

Maybe with a story and dialogue that has some depth, Worthington can step up and make something memorable that won’t leave him known as ‘the guy from Avatar‘ from now until everyone forgets about him.  The film is still in development, but it will be shopped at the upcoming Berlin Film Festival, so expect to see more movement when all the financing is put into place and the female lead is cast.  I’m sure from that point it will have a lot more steam, and once it has a shooting date, we’ll have a better idea of when it will be released.  Until then, let us know what you think of this project so far in the comments below.

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