Sam Raimi Working On An ‘Evil Dead’ TV Series


What is with classic horror films getting brought back to life via a first-run TV show? I guess remakes just aren’t cutting it these days, which I’m not exactly complaining about.

The latest cult-classic turned TV show will be Sam Raimi‘s prestigious Evil Dead franchise. The property was recently rebooted last year, with mixed reviews pointed at director Fede Alvarez and his impressive use of practical blood and gore, mixed with a somewhat lifeless and forced script/story change-up to justify the film’s existence.

Now, Raimi will be attached to a show, which might follow the original series or might stick a little bit closer to the remake.

We’re not exactly sure how this one is going to go down just yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

We do know that Ivan Raimi co-wrote it and that Bruce Campbell will somehow be involved.

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