Sam Mendes Says MAYBE To ‘Bond 24’


I have no idea why people are passing this off as must-read news. There’s nothing really new on the Sam Mendes directing Bond 24 front. He enjoyed his time on Skyfall from what we’ve read and he’s mostly said that he’s interested in doing another one, but that’s just like me saying I’d be interested in eating waffles in the near future. I’m not going to not eat waffles ever again, but that doesn’t mean I’ve got reservations for next Tuesday.

So yeah; there’s rumors floating around that mention Mendes being interested in continuing the Bond franchise, but that’s all just rumor. Who wouldn’t want to return after their last film made over a billion dollars? He’d essentially get to make it however he wants, so of course keeping it in the back of his mind is going to be an option.

Source : Daily Mail


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