‘Safety Not Guaranteed’ Trailer

The trailer for Safety Not Guaranteed has hit the net, and it stars Mark Duplass (The League, director of Jeff Who Lives at Home), Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation) and Jake M. Johnson (The New Girl).  The film is based on a real-life classified posting that has become an internet meme over the years.  Johnson and Plaza play magazine writers that decide to track down the guy that wrote the ad (Duplass) to see exactly what is wrong with him.  When Plaza and Duplass hit it off, she doesn’t necessarily believe him, but she begins to become charmed by his odd behavior and beliefs.

The screenplay was written by Derek Connelly, who won the screenwriting award at 2010’s Sundance Film Festival.  The movie is directed by Colin Trevorrow, who has worked with Connelly on a few projects, including Blood Brothers and Gary: Under Crisis, little seen TV movies.  They got the producers of Little Miss Sunshine who have proven they can make a small festival movie into a hit, and with the growing popularity of each of the actors involved, they might just have a surprise hit on their hands.  The film will hit theaters June 8th, probably in a limited release.

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