Safe Gets Pushed Back To A Safer Date

It’s looking more and more like Lionsgate doesn’t have much faith in their latest Jason Statham film titled Safe. The film was originally scheduled for a release in October of this year, but then it was pushed back to “coming soon”. When we posted the new trailer a few days ago the release was set for March 2nd, 2012. Now the film is pushed back to April 27th, 2012.

Usually release date pushes aren’t a good sign, especially if the film was pushed back more than once. Pushing back something once is acceptable because studios want to maximize the money they can bring in, so they push films from crowded weekends to slower weekends. But when your film gets pushed back from a late 2011 release to an early 2012 release you need to start approaching the film with caution, as if a generic Statham flick didn’t already need to be approached specifically.

Statham is no Oscar winner, that’s for sure, but he usually makes quality popcorn flicks. I find most of his R-rated stuff entertaining. There’s nothing wrong with watching a man kick the shit out of dozens of triads and mafia members, but this massive push back (from initial release date) is starting to make me doubt the film. His movies usually do good business, so why keep pushing the film back, especially since it’s done shooting and ready to roll?

Safe should be cracking its way into theaters on April 27th, 2012, if it doesn’t undergo anymore release date changes!

(via Box Office Mojo)

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