Ryan Reynolds Eyed for ‘Highlander’ Reboot

Apparently Ryan Reynolds is being eyed by Lionsgate to lead a new take on the Highlander mythos.  As the original 1986 movie made famous “There can be only one” and apparently Reynolds is the one the studio wants, despite his representation’s claims that he is entertaining all offers at this point, but many are saying both parties want this to happen.  This will add to the busy slate of the young star, adding to projects like Deadpool (which seems to have stalled a few times now) and a Green Lantern sequel that Warner Brothers doesn’t seem very eager to get going quickly.

However, the actor still has his choice of roles I’m sure, so it will be interesting if he gets into another possible franchise starter, although it seems he’s dedicated to trying to make more action oriented films rather than the usual romantic comedies he has come to be known best for.

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