[Rumor] Nintendo’s Wii U To Launch November 18th

Keeping our eyes on the rumor mill, it would seem that the Wii U has a North American release date! Kind of. Maybe. According to an e-mail from popular Tokyo retailer Media Land, the Wii U is to have a November 18th, 2012 launch in North America, with the Japanese release coming a week thereafter.

Some may be thinking, “Wait, wait, wait. A Japanese hardware developer releasing their product in America before Japan? Balderdash!”  Well, my friends, it would behoove you to know that the Wii did the same thing back in 2006 – and on November 19th, no less. Not convinced that Nintendo might be committing to a November 18th launch? Fine. The Gamecube also launched on that exact day in 2001. With all of those aligned stars, and with Nintendo already announcing that the Wii U would be released in America during the fall of 2012, I think we can chalk this one up as only barely being a rumor.

Of course, we have to wait until Nintendo‘s press conference at E3 for absolute confirmation, so be on the lookout for that in early June, amongst other E3 coverage articles on The Daily Rotation!

[Source: Wii U Daily]

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