Rumor Alert: WB And Ben Affleck May Part Ways For ‘The Batman’

The internet can be a cruel and cutthroat world, with rumors growing large enough to outgrow the actual truth. Sometimes, negative (or positive) buzz about a character or actor can beat down the actual actor until they’ve eventually just had enough.

I’m not saying that’s the case with Ben Affleck, WB and their Batman property, but damn if Affleck hasn’t had a hard enough time, professionally.

Critic and audience reactions for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice were downright brutal, despite most agreeing that Affleck’s portrayal of the caped crusader was one of the film’s highlights.

I actually enjoyed the film, and loved Affleck’s performance (read my review right here). But audiences continued to hate on the DC universe and while I agree with them on Suicide Squad, I’d still like to hold judgment until Justice League actually comes out.

Meanwhile, Affleck’s under-rated Live by Night tanked and he’s been battling some personal demons as well.

This leads us to the latest rumors about Affleck and WB agreeing to part ways for Matt Reeves‘ upcoming The Batman, which is supposed to start-up a new Batman trilogy.

Sources on one side say WB and Affleck are happy and that they’d love for him to stick around for as long as he can, while sources on the other side say that they’re trying to “gracefully” transition him from the character.

Could this mean that Affleck’s Bruce Wayne might die in Justice League or that he might be passing the cape and cowl off? Or will they “soft reboot” the character yet again?

Reeves has said that he’d love to work with Ben Affleck, yet Affleck has expressed fatigue during interviews for BvS. Affleck is a fantastic writer/director that has had to put some projects on hold so that he can fully play the franchise character.

Stepping down as Batman would give him more freedom to pursue those projects, while also freeing up his schedule and maybe allowing him some more time to deal with whatever he’s got going on, personally.

As long as Ben Affleck is happy and healthy, ┬áthen I’m okay with either one. Selfishly, I’d love to see him continue playing the character, because I think he brings a certain grizzled physicality that has been missing from the character for decades. But I wouldn’t want him to return at the risk of his own health.

Time will tell…

Source : B.M.D.

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