Rooney Mara and Christian Bale for Oldboy?

In the latest news of movement on Spike Lee’s Oldboy film, comes some casting rumors via Twitch. It seems that Rooney Mara, of The Social Network and the upcoming The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo remake is Lee’s first choice for the main female role in the film, Marie.  While I haven’t seen enough of her work to really speak on her acting talent, she is gaining high praise from people in the know for her turn in Fincher’s upcoming opus, playing the role that made Noomi Rapace famous.

Also from the rumor mill, Christian Bale is a possibility for the lead villain role.  It is unknown what stages of progress the casting is currently at, but these are said to be Lee’s top choices, and since he’s a well known filmmaker with a track record of worthy projects, I can see him getting the cast he would like at the very least.  As many already know, Josh Brolin has been tapped as the lead in the film, a remake of Korea’s excellent 2003 film Oldboy.  Lee’s version is set to start filming later this year for a 2012 release date, probably Christmas, if I had to take a guess.

Will Lee get his choices?  Are they good choices?  Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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