Ron Perlman Dresses Like A Woman In Trailer For 3,2,1… Frankie Go Boom

3,2,1… Frankie Go Boom is the latest comedy starring Bridesmaids’ Chris O’Dowd and Charlie Hunnam. It doesn’t look all that great, but it also stars Lizzy Caplan and Ron Perlman dressed as a woman.

The trailer doesn’t rattle any cages or create any real comedy, but it proposes a unique story that has the ability to be really funny. The real question is just how convincing is Perlman as a woman? I think he just might be able to pull it off.

3,2,1… Frankie Go Boom hits VOD on September 12th and theaters on October 10th.

Watch the trailer below:


Frank (CHARLIE HUNNAM) has been tortured, embarrassed, and humiliated — usually on film — by his brother Bruce (CHRIS O’DOWD) his entire life. Now that Bruce has finally kicked drugs and turned his life around, things should be different. But when Frank’s one-night stand with a distressed young woman (LIZZY CAPLAN) goes not quite as planned, Bruce’s camera is ready, as always, to capture it…and share it with the world.


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