Ron Howard will be behind new Jay Z Doc

It seems the big ticket for music stars today is getting a movie deal about their life. Katy Perry did it with Part of Me; my main man Justin Bieber did it with Never Say Never. It just seems like the cool thing to do. Plus it gets lots of cash. Don’t forget to mention 3D cash. Delicious.

Well now Jay Z wants in on this action, but I have a feeling it will be a little different. This documentary will feature Ron Howard behind the camera directing. Yes, Ron Howard; the single most famous ginger.

The doc will focus around Jay Z’s big music festival: Made In America. This event features some of the music biz’s biggest names today like Rick Ross, Drake, Odd Future, Skrillex, and even some of the older acts like Pearl Jam and Run DMC.

Producer Brian Grazer said the movie will focus more than just Made In America, it will also focus on his rough upbringing and his transformation into a rap superstar and successful businessman. But the main focus will be the event and how all of it connects to this spectacular concert.

I have a feeling this will turn out different than the pop star biopics we have seen lately. Ron Howard is a trusted director with classic movies like Apollo 13 and A Beautiful Mind. Jay Z is in good hands.

What do you think of this? Will you say fuck it if it comes out in 3D? I might.

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