Ron Burgundy Announces ‘Anchorman 2’

After years of hemming and hawing, it seems that Paramount has finally given Anchorman 2 the green light for production.  How do we know this?  Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell, for those that have been living in caves) decided to stop by Conan to tell the world himself.

So, while there aren’t very many details on the film itself, we at least know they’ve found a way to make it work, after years of claiming budgetary reasons for not giving the film the go-ahead.    At first, many people thought it might be a joke, but it’s definitely real, and I almost would bet money that Paramount told Will to go on his friend Conan O’Brien’s show and make the announcement himself, which is the best possible way to announce this film, so maybe some regime changes, or actors agreeing to work for scale with points, I’m sure Adam McKay will touch on what made this happen, he is often very transparent about the money side of things, and at this point, it’s a sure-fire $100 million movie, having become a staple for those who were 15-35 and male when the first Anchorman came out.  I honestly didn’t think it was all that hilarious, I prefer Step Brothers or Talladega Nights any day, but I remember how big it swept the culture when it came out summer of 2005.

Now, it’s just a matter of if those same people (many are older, with families now) will make the trek out to see it, and of course there is the sect of the culture just turning 15,16, etc. that will fall in love with the series for the first time.  It’s just a matter of the whole demographic coming out.  Either way, it will make the money it costs, considering how crazy Ferrell and McKay decide to get with the script.  With Step Brothers 2 supposedly ready to go for a fall shooting, I wonder if they’ll do this movie after, or if getting the green light on that from Paramount has seen that take a back seat.  It’s worth noting that the cast has since become an example of who’s who in comedy at the moment, and people that were still supporting players in Anchorman (Carrell, Rudd, and Rogen) have all become certified leading men, with the paychecks to prove it.  I imagine since they’re all friends, it would be easier for Ferrell to get them to do it cheap, especially since Anchorman is what boosted the careers of most people.   I suppose we’ll learn more as it happens.

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