‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ Lands An Exciting First Teaser

I must admit that my excitement for Gareth EdwardsRogue One: A Star Wars Story is much higher than my excitement for The Force Awakens.

I’ve always loved the Star Wars characters and films, but the idea of a spinoff that’s set in the same universe, but with its own new character has always intrigued me more.

I’m looking forward to seeing just how much Edwards is allowed to do with his own crew and storylines and I’m also looking forward to seeing how Lucasfilm treats this film as a property within the universe and not just another sequel.

Rogue One will be the starting point for this new cinematic universe-building that started with The Avengers and is quickly taking off elsewhere.

Will people show up for this one with as much excitement and energy as they did for The Force Awakens or will A Star Wars Story simply mean a smaller budget and less connective tissue?

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