‘Rogue One’ Goes In For Reshoots

Gareth EdwardsRogue One: A Star Wars Story is going to be the defining Star Wars film that is going to give us an idea on if a Star Wars spinoff movie can really work.

It’s also going to show us how important these “off-brand” films are to the Star Wars series as a whole.

Apparently Disney is taking a very serious approach to this film, with rumors surrounding extensive reshoots for the film, based on early exec test screenings.

The word isn’t that the film is awful or anything, but that it doesn’t quite match the original Star Wars film in terms of tone.

This could be a big problem, especially when you think of Rogue One as a film that is set in the Star Wars universe, almost right before A New Hope takes place. So yeah, you’ll obviously want the two to share similar tones and themes, but that doesn’t mean that Edwards’ film can’t be a touch darker or more gritty.

This news shouldn’t really surprise anyone. Most big-budget Marvel films get reshoots, but they usually aren’t this extensive. If anything, I hope Disney’s ordered reshoots still fall in line with Edwards’ overall vision for the film.

Nothing is worse than a sloppy edit that tries giving us two entirely different films under one title.

Source : B.M.D.

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