‘RoboCop’ Remake Receives An IMAX Poster

RoboCop IMAX Poster

This past weekend I went back and revisited Paul Verhoeven‘s ultra-violent cult-classic RoboCop on Blu-ray. The newly remastered 4K transfer only helped bring the timeless motion picture to life even more and it also made me a little sad knowing that there’s a PG-13-rated remake in the pipeline.

I honestly forgot all about it, despite viewing several trailers and TV spots. I just have very little to say about the upcoming RoboCop remake, aside from that it looks fairly generic and safe, much like Sony’s Total Recall remake.

That’s not saying that it’s for sure going to be awful and completely pointless, but the odds aren’t really in its favor. I’ll see it and I really do hope that director Jose Padilha brings something new and exciting to the table. But I won’t be holding my breath for too long.

This latest IMAX poster works wonders for its simplicity and focus on the key objectives, but it still doesn’t evoke a single real emotion from me.

How about you?


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