Robert De Niro to Star in Luc Besson’s ‘Malavita’

Robert De Niro made his career playing wise guys and criminal masterminds in films like The Godfather 2, Mean Streets, and Goodfellas.  However, the past decade or two, he’s been saddled in a lot of crap and paycheck films like Godsend, which is so awful I don’t know anyone that finished the movie.  So when a new casting notice pops up for him, it’s not an exciting, fun thing to report, often it’s groan-inducingly bad.

This one, however, may not be all bad:  Luc Besson will write and direct a new gangster film called Malavita and apparently DeNiro is signed on to star as:

“Giovanni Manzoni, a former criminal living with his family, whilst under the name of “Fred Blake,” in a small Normandy village until something goes wrong.”

Now, it’s not the greatest log line I’ve ever heard, but it’s refreshing if Besson is going back to his action roots (his movies like Leon: The Professional and The Fifth Element still rule, no matter what anyone says) it could be cool to see De Niro dispatching people as a gangster.  As long as he’s not chasing aliens or giving fatherly advice, I’d rather see him do just about anything than what he’s been doing the past few years.

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