Ridley Scott Discusses More ‘Prometheus 2’ Info As Well As ‘Alien 5’

Is Ridley Scott going completely crazy or has the filmmaker finally found his sci-fi niche yet again? I enjoyed Prometheus a lot more than most, but I couldn’t help but to feel slightly disappointed after the film came and went.

Then, director Ridley Scott went on to make a couple truly disappointing and downright bad films, until finally hitting his mark again with The Martian, which I loved and will post my review later this week.

Now, he’s going back into the Prometheus world, hinting at a title change to Alien: Paradise Lost.

Does that mean this film will finally reveal the secrets that Prometheus only glossed over? And how does this tie-into Neill Blomkamp‘s rumored Alien 5?

Scott had this to say:

“Years ago, I kept mulling over what Alien 2 could be. I was fiddling around with some ideas. I was always fascinated with why this thing [the xenomorph] would be made, by whom, and for what purpose? The planet it was on – and I was looking at the dark side of the moon – would be called Paradise,” said the director.

“Paradise is a very ominous word. In a way it is Prometheus 2. It’s exactly the same story. But it was always in the works to be called that [Alien: Paradise Lost]. Is Prometheus actually taking us off course from where I’m going, which is actually backing into the first Alien… I’ve even got connections with Ripley [in this], but I’m not telling you what.”

As well as this:

“I’m producing it,” said Scott. “The design is for it to go out next, after this. This will go out first. It’s more associated with Ripley, it’s a completely different angle, it’s more of a sequel. I’m coming in from the back end.”

It should be noted that Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace are still locked in to return for the Prometheus sequel.

Source : Empire Online

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