Ricky Gervais to Star in the New Muppets Flick

Ricky Gervais

If things aren’t strange enough in the world, it seems they will get stranger. Actor, writer, tweeter, controversial award host, and radical atheist comedian Ricky Gervais will take the lead role in the new Muppets sequel.

While there are no plot details yet, it is apparent they will probably stick to the human/muppet interaction like in the first one. While I enjoy some of Gervais’ work in The Invention of Lying , Ghost Town, and his writing of the very funny HBO show Life’s Too Short, being a part of a Disney movie doesn’t exactly fit for him.

Jason Segel was the one who drove The Muppets last year to be a pretty damn enjoyable flick due to his charm and screen presence. Gervais on the other hand always seems to come off a little snarky with his British humor.

It will surely be interesting to see Gervais do some sort of an adventure with the Muppets.

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